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​Welcome to my website! I would like to tell you a little about my family and operation of my bulldogs.

I am married to my high school sweetheart. We have been married for 24 years; we have 3 boys, Brayden 23, Evan 16, and Keegan 12. My husband is a high school principal. We live in the heart of the Ozark Mountains in beautiful NW Arkansas. I started breeding bulldogs for sale in Arkansas in 2004. Before then I was a vet tech for a Dr. that specialized in the bulldog breed. From there, I will tell you I breed for health first and foremost! Next on my list is breed standards. A great looking bulldog is imperative. I have spent hours and hours studying the bloodlines just so I can get the exact right combination to produce as healthy pups as I can. It is difficult and time consuming to get that great looking bulldog that is healthy as well. That is what I breed for, to produce the breed standard healthy well socialized pup! I am very proud to say all of my Blue French bulldog puppies for sale are AKC registered; therefore all the breathtaking puppies are AKC as well. Breeding healthy well socialized puppies is my life. I raise French and English bulldog puppies for sale in Arkansas
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We breed quality, healthy, socialized Bulldog puppies!

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 That's my full time occupation. I pour my life into doing my best to provide you and your family with the healthiest most perfect puppy for your family. I want to fit the ideal puppy for you and your family’s lifestyle, so getting to know you is a process for fitting the right pup for you and your family. I raise my puppies in a state-of-the art kennel. Anyone is welcome to come and meet my family and see the premises on which your puppies have been raised. My kennel is USDA and AKC licensed.

As a responsible breeder, I breed to eradicate physical traits that can cause health problems for the dog (weak backs or hips, overbites, allergies) and also try to produce dogs of sound temperament—dogs who are not aggressive, who do not snap or bite out of fear or nervousness, etc. All my puppies go to their new forever homes ready. I never allow my puppies to leave my premise until the pup is 8 wks old. I have to be confident they are ready emotionally and eating well on their own. Most do leave at 8 wks, but some will remain with me for 1-2 weeks longer so they have the extra time they need to mature and be ready for their new homes. I love happy healthy puppies going to their new homes because it relieves the stress for the new puppy as well as you and your family. They will go with their AKC papers, microchipped, health guarantee, puppy care packets, health records, including a detailed vaccination record with instructions on continuing to keep your puppy healthy and vaccinated.

I also breed show quality puppies. My main goal is to improve the breed. In doing that I am very picky about my bloodlines and only breed with the best bloodlines in mind. Type and standards is very significant in my breeding program. I love the big heads wrinkles, short thick bodies all wrapped up in a good personality and temperament. All my puppies go thru a health and personality screenings. With those I place the right puppy with the right family. I have several references and would gladly give you customer references as well as veterinary references. Once you decide on one of my pups, the time has just started. I am here for you and your family for any questions or concerns. I have awesome relationships with some of my past customers and enjoy watching my puppies thrive in their happy new homes! Please contact me if you see a puppy you are interested in. I do require a $500 deposit to hold your puppy.

Lastly, keep in mind it is important to find an honest bulldog breeder. If you choose a bulldog is the accurate breed for you then it is essential that you investigate bulldog breeders carefully before purchasing your bulldog puppy. Anyone can breed two bulldogs together; sell bulldogs for a cheap price. People can call themselves breeders but that doesn’t make them trustworthy or liable bulldog breeders. Buying a bulldog puppy is a vital and long term obligation. You want to choose bulldog breeders that have the top interest of the dog, the bulldog breed, and you in mind. I hope you enjoy my website and feel free to call, email, or text anytime you have questions.
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